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WVW Guild Strategy thoughts

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WVW Guild Strategy thoughts

Post by Vindictive on February 1st 2016, 7:05 am

Elijah and I were talking about possible strategies the other night. With that in mind Elijah made a suggestion how to be more strategic that might be good to follow as a strategy and thought I would write it on his behalf to see if everyone else maybe could add, revise or suggest new ones to follow through with while we roam as a guild doing our missions.

Idea: Stand grouped up. Theif constantly AOE when possible. Support classes throwing up AoE heals. Everyone else attacking from long distance. All staying in a pile. Boosts and heals easier and they can't just target a specific target. Easy to revive almost instantly if someone is downed.

I had thought when I heard it, something like a Sparta move. Which could be doable and maybe add some other things in the strategy but we want to hear from everyone on this. Please make a comment below.


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