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First guild meeting notes

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First guild meeting notes

As a few of you know we had went over several topics last night and I had taken some notes as to the suggestion/comments/concerns risen by you. What is to come in the changes will be posted in jot notes and will slowly be changed!

-WvW/PvP Only.
-Forum Registration
-Calendar events posted regularly. (Officers)
-Raidcall required. Mic is not mandatory but listening is. (All members)
-You have to be Representing and actively donating, attending events or helping the guild prosper in some way.
-Welcome letter given to new members.
-Absence must be written in mail/forums or letting an officer know and officer is entitled to let the rest of the officers/guild council know.

Leader/Requirements -
Unranked working towards ranked.


- Must be registered on both raidcall and forums.
- Certain requirements must be met.
( So many posts per forums, donation requirements, guild event attendance?)
- Officer of your choice to vouch that certain requirements have been checked and verified by.

*Kik group advertised. Instant messaging for another way to keep in touch immediately if you cannot make a certain event, or time. Add SybilNoelani and she will invite you to the group.

*Liv'en up forums? (How to gain activity there. Does the website have to go back to basic or better web address that can easily be remembered and eye catcher?)
- Back to basic
- New ranks

*Guild Structure
- Guild opt out for guild missions and assume everyone is going unless they opt out.
-New rank titles 10 total ranks

*Recruitment threads? (Where to advertise. Guildwars2Guru/Guildwars forums. Reddit? What else?)

Threads to bump (vote & write something towards to help advertising)
Guildwars2guru -
Guild Wars 2 Forums (Official) -
Reddit -
Suggested - Crystal desert website
Mentioned - let us know if you started one to be bumped or a website we can post our recruitment threads.

*Events? 3 events per week Wvw Mission, PvP and Fractal/World Boss etc. WvW missions will always be Saturday 10 PM EST

*Colour coordination of ranks? - Guild events only testing.

- You can get several cool items within the guild initiative office that can be purchased with guild commedations. It is worth checking it out.

-What were working on is Arena and War proprietor vendors in guild.

-Looking for guild scribe as well.



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