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Regarding Guild Colors

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Regarding Guild Colors

Post by Braden on January 6th 2016, 9:02 pm

Recently, Puzzled, Vindictive, and myself began talking about little changes that might get implemented in the future. In this discussion, one such topic was the idea of unified guild colors. Now, this little post is really just to get down the ideas that we had (for future reference) and my thoughts on said ideas.

Idea 1
The first idea thrown around was the idea of a guild-wide color palette. For example, colors might be something like black and red, and all guild members would be recommended (required?) to wear those colors. Along with this was the idea that upon gaining membership into the guild, the appropriate dyes would be mailed to the new member if they did not have them already.


  • Unified color scheme would look pretty cool, and could give the feeling of unity to all members.
  • No really, it could look amazing with the right colors


  • The dyes that were discussed cost about 60g each. I don't think the guild has that type of money. Also, there is no way to really stop people from just joining the guild, getting the dye, and then leaving.
  • Loss of character individuality. While you do become part of a group, the forced usage of a color is pretty limiting in terms of individual customization.

My Thoughts
Honestly, while this idea would look pretty cool, I don't think I can move from my colors I'm wearing right now. Also, if the player has multiple toons wearing different outfits, I find that the color requirements could prove boring when really building a character to be what the player wants.

Idea 2
The second idea discussed was that of colors based on rank within the guild. For example, guild leaders would wear something like white and gold, while commanders would wear white and red (again, these are just examples). Colors would not be given until reaching certain ranks, but it was not discussed whether brand new members would get their own colors.


  • Easily recognizable rank when in the open world
  • The idea of unity would still be present if there was a common color for most ranks
  • Increased color palette diversity within the guild (compared to idea 1)
  • I dunno, maybe a sense of accomplishment upon reaching a new rank?

[*]Again, if the person doesn't like the color scheme, they're screwed.
[*]There is nothing to stop players of lower rank from just buying the dye themselves.

My Thoughts:
While I do like this idea, it still comes down to me stubbornly not leaving my colors. Also, with this idea I feel that there kinda needs to be a few more people in the guild to be worth anything.

Overall, I think that unified colors are a pretty neat idea, but I find them incredibly limiting when it comes to character customization. Taking the guild's budget into consideration, I also feel that if any of these are to be implemented, it might not be possible for a little while out.
I really have no idea if I should be requesting feedback at this point. My opinions through this post were meant for the guild leaders, but I guess this entire thing doubles as a notification to everyone else. Anyway, if you do happen to feel strongly one way or another, I'm sure a response would be helpful!



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Re: Regarding Guild Colors

Post by Elijahx on January 7th 2016, 7:01 pm

Unified colors is pretty neat.. But if the colors--- purple and yellow were picked my char would look like an asshat.. I'm fond of the way my char looks atm.. it cost me enough money to get him that way Razz

Unified colors is actually a very neat idea and I like the way you all are thinking.. Would be really cool to represent the guild in some sort of fashion..

As for gold needed I can come up with a decent contribution, but as I said like Braden I'm pretty fond of my present colors.. But hell if we get members in I maybe willing to change my colors evens if I look like an asshat.. I like to look cool but to have an organized crew bashing heads in and winning out there on the field.. I'll dress in all pink for all I care.. As long as were winning

Personally I think we need to focus on getting members in for our wvw/pvp revamped guild.. Once we gain such members,then this maybe and could be implemented.

I'd like to see ideas on how to bring some people in and what we could do to give them incentive to join and grow with us


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Re: Regarding Guild Colors

Post by Vindictive on January 7th 2016, 9:20 pm

Well I read it all, and for the topic spoken; You nailed it on the head Braden.

Now I think it is a great idea on one hand. Where as some love the unity of ranks and friends etc. Even if it were for a certain event we would do. Maybe strictly PVP matches as a guild. I mean if you favourites the colours you use and remember how it is set up. You can later change it back to your own colours while your running about solo.

Even WvW perhaps, to show unity as a whole guild. Two colours or three whatever..multicolored for all I care while we are all busting our buns killing. As Elijah said - I would go all pink (even if I hate PINK in general)

It would have to definitely be well thought out though. Reason I say this is because I completely agree with your cons for that. Some others are definitely for their own colours, to stick out and be unique as their self is what most are for.

It is definitely place for all to comment to get a general census. Again it's been said. I think gaining members is what is best right now, but I do think in another matter to bring in incentive of donation, grouping, activity - we need some more thoughts on this. As the guild funds are pretty low compared to a guild that is 400+ members and have tons of active members already donating to help for fun things.


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Re: Regarding Guild Colors

Post by Sponsored content

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