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Bi-Monthly Lottery

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Bi-Monthly Lottery

Post by Seireitenshi on November 29th 2015, 4:02 pm

Hello everyone,
The guild lottery is now up and running and we invite anyone and everyone who can to come and participate. It will be held by "Yureitenshi," unless told otherwise, on every SECOND and LAST SATURDAY of each month at 9:00 pm US eastern time. This means it is right before WvW guild missions so people should be able to join. This will be a buy-in pot style system. To play you must pay 50 silver, which is added to the total pot, and then you will be given one chance to guess a number between a specific set of numbers. After 10 minutes have passed admission will close and the winner will be determined. The more participants, the greater the range of numbers. The goal number will be chosen at random before the lottery starts. Here are the number set parameters:
Under 25 players = # between 1-25
25-50 players = # between 1-75
50-100 players = #between 1-100
above 100 players = determined at a later time
The person with the CLOSEST guess wins all the money in the pot, so there is always a winner. In the event of two players being closest, they will split the pot. If more than two are closest, then another round of guessing will occur with those players guessing between 1-25.

*NOTE: if a participant wants a second guess, they may pay an extra 1 gold to do so. Only 1 extra guess is allowed.
The first lottery will be on December 12th!
Thanks everyone, hope this gets good participation!
Seireitenshi (aka Yureitenshi)


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