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What's cooking in the background

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What's cooking in the background

So as some of you may have seen in guild chat is some conversations back and forth about focus of guild, structure, event ideas, staff and MOTD. (MOTD means Message of the day. Which is located on the main page of the guild tab)

In this blog, I will interpret and speak directly to everyone within the guild my daily thoughts, ideas, and things that have been discussed and may be implemented. Whether up and coming or present.

To start off, our guild focus is that of creating a virtual gaming community first and foremost. It wasn't just going to be Guild Wars 2, but all MMORPG games that our guild mates may be interested in playing, currently trying, and what is coming out soon. However, in the recent times it seems not many seem to be interested to talk of such other games so we will focus on just guild wars 2. Since well...we all know it's an amazing game and many opportunities within it. SO BOOYAH!

Another great focus that we offer currently is World vs World with guild mission opportunities. We offer a community of people who are on the same world server as you, varying in time zones that are coming together to run around, explore that WvW option or may be a veteran of it and want company. It is a great way to level up your character, gain Karma needed, get loot to salvage or sell or even wear and other incredible rank ups. It is a new way of trying PvP in the WvW gaming aspect.

As for the guild hall. We are focusing on constructing the arena first. Why? Because it gives us a chance to broaden more events for fun, just for us. With opening the arena it unlocks the option of Guild vs Guild. 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 or more. On top of such there is options for 3 different types of events. So if you also wish for this, you can visit the guild hall and see what materials are needed and help all of us obtain it quicker by donations.

After arena is set, and good to go. We hope to open either War Room which offers PvP and WvW benefits. There are really all sorts of benefits to each proprietor opened with teirs that give other great things. So many possibilities that will come in time with your help.

Within the next several weeks there will be some changes to the guild. Ranking structure is changing. The names and what privileges are given will be changed. On top of that, you will be moved accordingly. So bare with us as those change. If you are demoted, please don't take offense. Please don't leave. There is a reason and we will sort through it all. If you want just remind us. Simple and we will fix it. Apologies in advance!

Staff positions are available within and each position will be broken down to smaller roles that it isn't such a work load. We are looking for qualified players whom can see the goals of this guild and wish to help us get there by offering your assets towards it. The positions available are as follows:
-> WvW Leader/Commander
-> PvP Leader
-> Raid Leader/Commander

-> Recruiters
-> Chat/Forum Moderators
-> Events Coordinators
-> Mentors

each position will be explained in better details on what is required of each.
All positions will require knowledge of charter and guild rules. Goals, and good communication skills.
You can apply here:


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