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Guide: Ascended Armorcrafting (All)

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Guide: Ascended Armorcrafting (All)

Post by Vindictive on November 4th 2015, 1:49 pm

This post will be modified as I go. It will have things added in future. Thanks to all of them for the many guides that I read!

As you may be sitting there wondering what to do. I thought to bring attention to the question that has come to everyone's mind. “Where do I start on getting gear once level 80”? Well I have compiled most of what I could find in here. Most to do with Tailoring as that is my main craft.

Correct me if I am wrong but what I have found in my adventures through the never-ending posts, questions, concerns, comments and that ArenaNet (the company of Guild Wars 2) - does not plan to raise level cap but bring new content, and things to keep the maxed level of 80's busy with continuous content. Now with that said. I do believe what I have come across was that the gear at 80 goes from Exotic > Ascended > Legendary.

In my findings Exotic gear can be bought with Karma at various vendors then you craft ascended and legendary. I am unsure if you can skip over ascended and go straight to legendary but maybe that will be the next thing I scope out for this. (If anyone can find that out for me and put a post below that would be splendid too.)
Incase you didn’t know the template of colour codes for rarity. It is here.

• junk or gray
• basic or white
• fine or blue
• masterwork or green
• rare or yellow
• exotic or orange
• ascended or pink
• legendary or purple

The Tailor/Grandmaster Recipes

Ascended Recipes Prefixes

Raw Materials and their sources

Tailor – Full set
Total Mat cost
• This will take you 36 days of crafting unless you purchase Bolt of Damask from the TP since it is timed gated (only 1 produced per day)
• You also need 21k karma for the Ascended Insignia, 30 laurels and 18 gold for Ascended recipes. (5 laurel and 3 gold per piece)

Tailor – Boots
• Recipe is purchased from the Master Crafter for 5 laurels and 3 gold.

Lesser Vision Crystal

Ascended Insignia
• Recipe for Ascended Insignia is purchased from Master Crafter for 21k karma, you get to pick which stats you would like after purchasing the insignia.


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