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Runes (Gear)

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Runes (Gear)

Post by Vindictive on November 2nd 2015, 11:53 am

Runes are upgrade components for armor that provide stat bonuses and other effects. Like all upgrade components, attaching a rune to armor of masterwork, rare, or exotic rarity will make that item soulbound; fine or basic gear will become account bound. Unlike other upgrades, the total effect increases with the number of identical runes that are equipped.


A complete set of armor can hold up to six runes, one rune in each armor piece. While underwater, the breathing apparatus replaces the headgear, so that characters would need a seventh and matching rune to maintain the same bonuses.

There are three tiers of runes, Minor, Major, and Superior, each with its own minimum level requirement, and providing respectively two, four, or six bonuses; to obtain the full potential of the rune, your armor must include that number of runes.

*Minor runes have no minimum level and have two bonuses, listed as (1) and (2).
*Major runes require armor at level 39 or above and provide four bonuses, (1) – (4).
*Superior runes can be applied to armor at level 60 or above and include six bonuses, (1) – (6).

Typically, odd bonuses increase attributes while even ones produce an effect, such as +50% chance to summon a parrot when six Superior Runes of the Privateer are equipped.

*Equipping lesser tier runes of the same name will not deliver the higher tier bonuses. For example, equipping two Major and four Superior Runes of the Ice results in receiving the first two bonuses from the major rune and the first four bonuses of the superior rune; you will not receive the top two bonuses from either rune set.
*Equipping more than two minor or more than four major runes of the same type will not provide any additional bonuses, i.e. equipping five major runes provides the same benefits as using just four.
*When runes are equipped, the tooltip shows the total number of identical runes; the number is red when there are more than two minor or four major runes and blue otherwise.
*Active bonuses are shown in blue on the tooltip, or in gray if the bonus is not active for lack of a sufficient number of this rune.
*Attribute bonuses stack additively. For example, equipping six Superior Runes of Divinity increases each relevant stat by 78, the sum of the rune's six bonuses.


*Certain runes can be crafted by armorsmiths, leatherworkers, and tailors. Most of these can be learned through discovery, but several require obtaining the relevant recipe.
*All crafted and most salvaged runes can be purchased on the Trading Post.
*The 8 Dungeon runes are account bound on acquisition, even if produced in the Mystic Forge.
*Most runes can be recovered from armor by salvaging it; only Black Lion Salvage Kits are guaranteed to produce the rune. However, you cannot salvage armor bought with karma or Badges of Honor.
*You can combine four runes of the same tier in the Mystic Forge, with an 80% chance of receiving a random rune from the same tier and a 20% chance of it being the next higher tier. While all minor and major runes can be combined this way, the forge only returns a subset of those runes.






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