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WvW Guide for Novices

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WvW Guide for Novices

Post by Elijahx on October 30th 2015, 5:17 pm

WvW Guide For a Novice
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       Reporting Enemies
       Sieging Up
       Escorting Dolyaks
   Voice Chat
   Commander Tags
   Solo/Small Group


The aim of this guide is to give advice on how to contribute your server while playing World vs World. It will cover all the main roles and how to perform them properly. If you miss any vocabulary check the appropriate section at the end of the guide.

Supply is the currency in WvW for building siege equipment and upgrading structures. Supply originates from supply camps and must be delivered by supply caravans to structures in order to be used for upgrades. Players can carry up to 10 supply by default, but this amount can be increased with the Supply Capacity mastery line or an upgraded structure that allows 5 additional supply to be picked up from it. Players can pick up supply from any owned camp or structure, but care must be taken not to drain supply from a structure that is being upgraded or may be upgraded in the future. Generally, players should only take supply from camps, exceptions being structures that are in heavily contested areas and not expected to be held for long, and fully upgraded structures that hold almost the maximal supply amount.

Scouting is one of the pillars to win a matchup. It basically requires players to stay at a tower/keep and watch for enemy movements, upgrade and siege up the tower/keep, and escort nearby dolyaks. Scouting is important because it takes 30 seconds after an attack on an objective before the "crossed swords" contested indicator will appear on the map. This is often too long for a zerg to come and defend. Scouts can delay the enemy's advance with defensive siege, traps, and siege disablers.

   Scouting and Guards, which is what this portion really discusses, are two different people.

A Guard stands - on most servers they don't move - which is a point of contention and a training issue.

A Scout is a roamer and reporter - reporting number, direction and server name as well as keeping the enemy busy until responders arrive.

05:46, 15 July 2015 (UTC)Kat
Reporting Enemies

One thing you want to do if you see any enemy movement that could become a threat (do not report single players unless they are killing dolyaks or otherwise having an impact) is to report it in team chat. Good communication requires concise information: do not write in chat "2 rangers, 10 warriors, 4 guardians and 7 necromancers from blue server are coming to our keep from the right", simply say "20+ server name incoming to keep, direction gate". Not all things are worth defending, you do not want to report someone capturing a sentry or a ruin.

Other useful informations are the status of the gate or wall that is being attacked, wich sieges have been built and if it's inner or outer.

Directions are always given using cardinal directions ("north", "south", "east", "west", etc.). Do not use "left", "right", "up", or "down", because they are relative to your own position. Towers and camps in borderlands are referred to by their position on the map; SE tower, N camp, etc. While in Eternal Battlegrounds you can say Keep because your server only has one, while on borderlands always use a more descriptive keep name: Garri, Bay (west keep), or Hills (east keep). Some places have their own names:

   Watergate: Garrison's south central gate, accessed from the water, the inner gate has the particularity to not upgrade along with keep upgrades.
   Bay/Hills cataspot: The strength of these places is that you can hit both inner and outer walls by placing catapults on one place.
   Lord Room: Where the lord and capture point resides in every keep/tower.

Even while an objective is under attack, stay for as long as possible, reporting what siege the enemy is using and the health of gates/walls as a percentage.

   Garrison's outer Watergate.

   Garrison's Inner Watergate.

   Hills's Cataspot.

   Bay's Cataspot.

Often commanders will ask you to "hold, contest, and stay in the circle". This mean you have to contest the capturing of the keep by standing on the circle that will appear once the lord dies. While you're doing this your commander will move the zerg to your position to save the tower. Use all your dodges and your defensive skills such as Shield Stance Shield Stance
or Endure Pain Endure Pain
. Note that skills that make you invulnerable, like Mist Form Mist Form
or Renewed Focus Renewed Focus
, or invisible, like Hide in Shadows Hide in Shadows
or Mass Invisibility Mass Invisibility
, will prevent capture point contribution (as long as you are invulnerable/invisible).
Sieging Up

Sieging up means to place siege on a structure to be used to repel attackers. There are three kinds of siege:


Normal siege can be acquired via Badges of Honor or at the Trading Post and are cheap. Superior are more expensive but will also deal 50% more damage. They are the same as guild siege, which are the most expensive but require fewer supplies to be built.

While every tower has its special spots, they all share a common way to be sieged up.

   Trebuchet straight behind the door, as far as possible from it. This will destroy rams with 3-4 shots, also Fire Bloated Putrid Cow Fire Bloated Putrid Cow, if traited, will drain supplies from players. Your role at a trebuchet is to throw a Cow as the enemy comes, fire a couple of Fire (Trebuchet) Fire (Trebuchet), and switch back to Fire Bloated Putrid Cow Fire Bloated Putrid Cow.
   Arrow carts on the walls: this provides effective area denial and is lethal against infantry. In a zerg fight, you should aim at your commander's tag.
   Ram/Ballista on the Lord Room: even if this might seem useless to many players, if traited, rams and balistas can give a huge advantage in static fights. If your commander is stacking on the Lord Room for the last defense, use Iron Will Iron Will to give an area 50% damage reduction. Also Flame Blast Flame Blast
   will give area Fear, and then leave the ram to another player that will do the same, don't stay on the ram the whole fight. If you're manning a ballista, you can use Fire Shattering Bolt Fire Shattering Bolt, Fire Reinforced Shot Fire Reinforced Shot and Spread Shot Spread Shot, then leave the ballista for another player.


Another important role of the scout is to upgrade structures. There is an appropriate order for this; ordering random upgrades could use up supply on inappropriate upgrades and making it actually harder for your server to defend it. The best thing to do is always ask on chat before ordering a big upgrade, commanders or other players may have a plan in mind that would become impossible with your upgrade. Before ordering an upgrade, make sure to read it and check how many supplies it needs, supplies will be needed to defend a keep/tower and upgrades can't be stopped, so you don't want to be stuck with no supply left and an upgrade in progress. Another thing you don't want to do is taking out supplies while a structure is upgrading, even if you're building sieges on it the best thing to do is run to the closest camp and come back. There are three different tiers of upgrades used to describe the status of a structure:

   Wooden/paper: this mean the tower/keep has no upgrades at all.
   Tier 1 (T1): the tower has reinforced walls
   Tier 2 (T2): the keep/towr has both reinforced walls and gates.
   Tier 3 (T3): the keep/tower has fortified walls.

Waypoint and other upgrades are not included in the tier status.

   Supply Camps: The first upgrade you want to order is Increase Supply Deliveries, which will make your dolyak carry double the amount of supplies. This is usually enough but if you want to give your dollies a little more defense, also order Hire Caravan Guard, though this will hardly stop any average roamer. Note that camps flip really easily so it's not worth it to bring them to T3 status.

   Tower: The first upgrade is Reinforce Walls, then Reinforce Doors. If the tower has a large amount of supplies you can also order Hire a Second Worker to speed up things. You can now start with the remaining upgrades: Build Pot of Oil, Build Cannon, Build Mortar and lastly Fortify Tower. All other upgrades are less important and should be ordered only when the tower is fully supplied and constantly replenished.

   Keep: Similar to the tower, you start with Reinforce Walls, then Reinforce Doors. If supplies keep coming you can order Hire a Second Worker to speed things up. After these upgrades you want to order Build Cannon, then Build Mortar and Build Waypoint. Common mistakes are ordering cannons before anything else and Fortify Keep before waypoint. The reason why this is wrong is because siege can replace cannons without using the keep's supplies while still delaying attacks long enough for allied forces to respond and Fortify Keep requires a huge amount of supplies while the waypoint will give your forces a huge movement buff.

   Stonemist Castle: In higher tiers this structure is just considered a big supply depot, meaning it's not worth upgrading it because of how long it takes and how easy it flips and the commander will just use it as a bigger Supply Camp. If you still want to upgrade it, follow the same order as the Keep's upgrades.

Escorting Dolyaks

A frequent request is to "escort dollies", this is a really easy role and it basically consists of defending a supply caravan from enemies (every dolyak gets attacked by NPC enemies on its path which will slow it down), giving it Swiftness Swiftness, and taking sentries on its route.
Voice Chat

Voice chat is a major tactical tool. Every server has its own TeamSpeak or Mumble server and you can easily find it by asking in team chat or visiting the server's website. There are usually channels for each map. Get in the one for your map and listen to your commander. Speaking is not required but will help. Simply by listening, you will better understand what your commander is doing and be able to react much faster with greater awareness.

Before following a zerg, make sure you have a decent build. Check our Zerg and Roaming and pick one. If you are a sPvP/PvE player, you will instantly notice that the play style and the metas are completely different; WvW builds aim to give group support and are tankier than other game builds.

Dodging is a matter of life and death; you have to be extremely careful not to waste any endurance. Unlike PvP and PvE, where you aim to dodge a precise animation, in WvW, when you must dodge the enemy zerg wich is the main source of enemy damage , the commander will usually call a "double dodge", which simply means to use both your dodges. One dodge isn't enough simply because the enemy melee will often be formed by 30 or more men and the dodge will make you evade attacks for only one second. Use them only when you face the enemy melee train because that will deal the most damage and will often be accompanied by immobilizes and crowd control.
Commander Tags

Different colors can mean different things depending on server and guild, however in general the Blue tag is a public commander for the map.

If you are confused by the number of tags on the map, you can left click a tag and select "join squad". This causes other tags to disappear. Remember to click "leave squad" once you are done or you won't see any tag the next time you join WvW (can also type "/squadleave" in chat to achieve the same thing).
Solo/Small Group

If you don't want to participate in the zerg but still want to contribute to your server on WvW there are different activities you can do:

   Harass the enemy backlines - This consists on killing enemy light classes, such as elementalists, necros and thieves, and defend your backlines. Any enemy you take down will be a big loss for the enemy zerg.

   Tour camps - You basically take all camps in the map in a circle, they will grant your server supplies and points, and prevent the enemy structures from getting supplies.

   Supply customs - Sometimes a siege on an enemy structure lasts for an extended duration, at this point you want to prevent any supply caravan from entering your siege target. Capture nearby camps to stop the flow of supply completely. You can also do this with players, especially when your zerg is inside a keep and still fighting, wait outside the structure and kill anyone who tries to enter.

   Contesting - Waypoints in structures will close as soon as the structure is attacked. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds the waypoint will open again. By contesting it you deny the enemy a spawn point. Contesting can also be used to mislead the enemy about the location of your forces, however it is useless if an enemy scout sees through your trickery. In order to contest a structure it is sufficient to hit a gate once. Note that you as the attacker will see no difference until 30 seconds after, but for the opposing team the waypoint is disabled instantly. Note also that the guards at the gates can blind, so make sure you actually hit the gate.


Click on a vocabulary to get to the game wiki and learn more about it

   Siege weapon
   Structure upgrade
   Supply caravan
   Structure (Supply Camps, Towers, Keeps and Stonemsit Castle
   Matchup = World vs World is split into matchups wich changes every week. During a matchup you will find yourself against two other servers. The reset time is every Friday at 20.00 (GMT+1)
   Team Chat
   SM = short form for Stonemist Castle
   Inner - Outer: this only applies to keep and SM, both have two defensive layers, the first one you meet as an attacker is the outer, the second one is the inner.
   Camp = short form for Supply Camp
   Badge of Honor
   Short form for sieges: AC = Arrow Cart; Treb = Trebuchet; Balli = Ballista; Cata = Catapult; Omega/Alpha = Omega/Alpha Golem:
   Zerg = A group of 20 or more enemies.
   WvW = short form for World vs World


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