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Guild Hall

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Guild Hall

Post by Vindictive on October 27th 2015, 5:20 pm

Written by: Dulfy Oct 23, 2015

   1 Starting the Guild Hall Claiming Expedition
   2 Getting to the Guild Hall Portal
   3 Claiming the Guild Hall
   4 Building Your Guild Hall
       4.1 Initial Upgrade Path
       4.2 Tavern Restoration
       4.3 Mine Excavation
       4.4 Workshop Restoration
       4.5 More Upgrades
   5 Acknowledgments


Starting the Guild Hall Claiming Expedition

To start the Expedition, make sure you have 100 gold and 150 favor first. Favor can be earned via guild missions. Head to the Guild Initiative Headquarters in Lion’s Arch and talk to one of the two NPCs. One of them is for the Lost Precipice and the other is for Gilded Hollow.

* If you can’t enter the Initiative Headquarters because it says your guild has been updated, talk to the Guild registrar outside.

You will need to have 100g and 150 favor to start the Expedition.

Getting to the Guild Hall Portal

Lost Precipice

Lost Precipice portal entrance is in NW corner of Verdant Brink. You will want to have unlocked Faren’s Flyer Waypoint in the SW corner of the map and then follow the dotted line to the portal by combination of gliding and walking up stairs. If you have a teleport to friend item, you can wait for a guildie to get there first and just teleport to them. This is a much easier location to get to.

Gilded Hollow (Exalted Markings mastery required)

Gilded Hollow portal entrance is in Auric Basin inside the Exalted Forgotten City, The entrance to Auric Basin is in the SW corner of Verdant Brink. Once you are in Auric Basin, head to the Forgotten City in the middle of the map.

At the very center of the city, you will find a hole in the ground that you can drop down to access the lower city.

Once you are in the lower city, follow the dotted line. You will find the way to the portal blocked by an invisible wall. To get past it, you must have Exalted Markings Mastery to use the teleporter. Luckily only one person in guild needs it and everyone can just use the teleport to friend (Mesmer portals also work!)

Claiming the Guild Hall

This part is similar for both guild halls and the event scales based on how many players are in the instance. Gliding Mastery is not required but it will help to get to parts of the guild hall much faster so you can meet the time limit requirements. There are two parts to this.

Part One

First part is defeating 5 waves of Mordrem Maws within a certain time limit. The Mordrem Maws spawn in random locations within the guild hall map and how many you get depends on the number of players inside the guild hall instance. If you have 50 players for example, you can expect 5 Mordrem Maw to spawn randomly and you will have a time limit of 3:30 to kill all 5 Mordrem Maws to advance to the next wave. In contrast, A 20 player instance will have only 2 Mordrem Maw per wave. You want to spread out into teams of 8-10 players and assign a commander to them to cover a certain area of the guild hall map. Each Mordrem Maw will have a big orange sword next to their location on the map.

If you fail to kill the Mordrem Maw within the time limit, the air toxicity level will rise and everyone inside the instance will all be killed. Luckily you can retry this how many times you want. Another thing you have to watch out for are the Mordrem mobs defending the Mordrem Maw that can shield the Maw from damage until they are killed so you will want to kill those ASAP.

Part Two

After you have cleared 5 waves of Mordrem Maw, prepare for Vinewrath Knights to spawn. These are Champion/Legendary Mordrem bosses. How many spawn will once against depend on your instance size. For an instance of 50 players you can expect 3 of them to spawn. All of these Mordrem bosses have a break bar and some are only vulnerable when that break bar is broken so you will need to constantly apply hard CCs to break that bar. Others are extremely melee unfriendly so you will want to have ranged weapons as well.

You do have a bit more time to kill these Vinewrath Knights The time limit was 8 minutes for the particular instance we had.

After you defeated these Mordrem bosses, you will be able to interact with the crystal in the guild hall and finally claim the guild hall.

Building Your Guild Hall
Initial Upgrade Path

Tavern is the first thing you will build. After that you will build the Mine so you have a supply of Aetherium for your other buildings. After that you can start building the workshop. Workshop will allow your guild members to train as scribes and craft guild-specific items.

Tavern Restoration

Tavern is the first thing you will build for your new guild hall. Talk to the Tavern Proprietor to get started. He is also the NPC where you can view other upgrades for your Tavern

You will need the following materials to complete the first restoration. Guild members can donate materials to help this via the guild treasury.

 250 Elder Wood Plank
   250 Mithril Ingot
   50 Bottle of Elonian Wine
   10 Empty keg
   50 Glass Mug
   20 Obsidian Shard
   25 Bolt of Silk
   100 Cured Thick Leather Squad
   10 Bolt of Gossamer
   10 Cured Hardened Leather Square.

This upgrades costs 100 Favor.

Empty Kegs are crafted by Chef (400). The recipe is automatically known so you do not need to purchase any recipes. It requires 10 Elder wood planks, 10 Mithril ingots, 3 Vial of Linseed Oil per Empty Keg. Linseed Oil requires Flax Seeds which can be found in the new maps. Milling Basins can be brought from the cooking vendors.

Glass Mugs are crafted by Jeweler (400). The recipe is automatically known so you do not need to purchase any recipes.It requires 3 Lumps of Glass, 1 Thermocatalytic Reagent per Glass Mug. Coarse Sands are from the silky sands you can get from Silverwastes. In total you will need 9 Piles of Coarse Sand and 4 Thermocatalytic Reagent per Glass Mug for a total of 450 Piles of Coarse Sand and 200 Thermocalytic Reagent for 50 Glass Mugs.

Mine Excavation

You will need to have completed Tavern Restoration I and then you can proceed with this building process that will costs 150 Favor and the following mats.

200 Elder Wood Plank
200 Mithril Ingot
50 Silverwastes Shovel
4 18 Slot Thick Leather Pack

Workshop Restoration

You will need to have Mine Excavation I completed, 1500 Aetherium and 150 Favor are also needed in addition to the following mats.

200 Watchwork Sprocket
200 Mithril Ingot
50 Vial of Linseed Oil
20 Bottle of Airship Oil
200 Thermocatalytic Reagent
50 Orichalcum Ingot
5 Elonian Leather Square
50 Quartz Crystal.

More Upgrades

There are more upgrades for the Tavern/Mine/Workshop that give buffs to the guild or improve that particular structure. They can be found under each particular tier of Restoration. Which one you need will be something you have to decide to have. They all cost Favor to build and some may require Aetherium as well. Aetherium is time gated and there is a favor cap of 2000 per week so you will need to carefully manage and decide on what to build.


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Re: Guild Hall

Post by Elijahx on October 27th 2015, 10:08 pm

Guys please take time to read over this.. So we can jump on this soon as we can. guild Hall and Guild Missions


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